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benefits of dates




Do you know the benefits of dates

1 - reducing the percentage of Tc blood and the prevention of hardening of the arteries, it contains pectin. 2 - preventing cancer heavy bowel disease and the prevention of hemorrhoids and reduce a gravel bitterness To facilitate stages of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium for it contains good fiber and sugars rapid digestion. 3 - prevent tooth decay for it contains fluorine. 4 - prevention of poison because it contains sodium, potassium and vitamin c. 5 - for the treatment of anemia (anemia) because it contains copper, iron and vitamin b 2. 6 - treatment of rickets and Lin bones because it contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. 7 - treatment for anorexia and poor concentration for it contains potassium. 8 - a cure for weak public and Palpitation heart for it contains magnesium and copper. 9 - a cure for rheumatism and brain cancer because it contained boron. 10 - anti-cancer, for it contains Selenium has been observed that the population does not know oases cancer. 11 - cure for sexual weakness for it contains boron and vitamin A. 12 - cure for dry skin and dry eyes, corneal disease night blindness because it contains a vitamin. 13 - treatment of digestive diseases nervous because it contains vitamin b 1. 14 - cure for the fall of hair and eyes strain and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and the inflammation of the lips for it contains vitamin b 2. 15 - the treatment of acute skin for it contains vitamin Alaniasin. 16 - cure for the disease scurvy a general weakening of the body and Palpitation heart and asthma, and the shrinking of blood vessels and the emergence of red patches on the skin and weakness in bones and teeth, for it contains vitamin c (2) or ascorbic acid. (From dates, could draw a large number of medicines, antibiotics and vitamins for use of ATS Medical prescriptions for the treatment of diseases referred to earlier). 17 - treating acidity in the stomach for it contains chlorine and sodium and potassium. 18 - treat gum disease and poor capillary blood vessels and weak muscles and cartilage for it contains vitamin c.

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